Outsource Your Scraping Project

You send the project details and we deliver the validated dataset. You’ll never have to touch code, proxies, or accounts, we handle everything.

We offer flat pricing, with everything included, including code maintenance. No commitment and no upfront costs required.

Save time and money by using our field-specific expertise! We'll know what solution to use for your specific use-case and how to implement it, right away.

Free custom scrape

Get a 10-100 rows free sample scrape of any website.

Benefits of outsourcing Web Scraping

More efficiency than in-house development, without the limitations of SaaS tools.

Save Time

With our industry experience, we know how to complete your specific project without having to try several solutions.

Save Money

At scale, proxies and servers get expensive. We highly optimize our algorithms to minimize costs in the long run.

Minimize Risks

Even a few corrupt data points can ruin a dataset. We use a mix of automated and manual data validation methods to make sure that the data we send is correct.

Legal Compliance

We make sure to anonymize protected personal data and to be fully GDPR compliant.

Scraping Services Pricing

Prices are applicable for the first scrape only.
For regular scraping services, we offer a 50% discount.


Max 2 000 rows.
Unlimited fields.
One Website.
Custom output format.



Max 20 000 rows.
Unlimited fields.
One Website.
Custom output format.



Max 200 000 rows.
Unlimited fields.
One Website.
Custom output format.



Unlimited fields
Custom Development.
Custom output format.
Custom integration.


Prices aren't applicable to social media sites, and any sites requiring login. See pricing for social media here.


Do you offer custom integrations and APIs?

Yes. With any custom development project, we can integrate with your existing systems.

Are your services confidential?

We offer full confidentiality and never publish any details of your project without explicit consent. We always sign an NDA for Enterprise and custom projects, or on demand.

Do you offer a tool or SaaS?

Our base packages offer end-to-end web scraping services. This means that we manually validate the datasets before sending out, making sure that everything is ok. If not, we do the corrective rescrapes for free. Because of these manual elements involved, we do not offer a tool for on-demand scraping.

For custom projects, we can set up on-demand scraping environments using API connections or a minimal webapp.

Use Cases

Some of the possible use cases of our data scraping services:

  • Competitor Price Scraping for Ecommerce
  • Amazon Product Scraping
  • Real Estate Listings Scraping
  • Social Media Pages Scraping
  • Social Media Posts Scraping
  • Twitter Data Scraping
  • Facebook Page Scraping
  •  Lead Generation with Google Places Scraping
  • Review Scraping
  • Company Directory Scraping
  • Yelp Web Scraping
  • Instant Data Scraping